Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption is just another problem after HIV and AIDS that needs as much attention as we did to the HIV and AIDS just immediately it was discovered.
A lot has been done about the problem but most of it has just been verbal and then victims of these habits have mostly been left to decide for themselves whether to quit the habit or to continue with it.

There is something funny about this people who are hooked to the habit, they go about giving lame excuses and reasons why they continue consuming this things .They give reasons that only favors them to continue consuming this things .They pretend that this things perhaps helps them to think better or helps them to clear their heads from congestion due to a lot of work or activity or they help to keep them warm from the cold weather and so on. This people, perhaps, the doctors look like fools before them.

The stories about smoking and drinking alcohol are many and long ,but there is only one secret that the ministry of health an the world health organization hasn’t discovered ,the secret is using those people who have been I the habit before an manage to escape un hurt or even those who have been there and had harm from the habits .The thing is that those who have been there and managed to quit the habits have first hand knowledge on how to nurse someone who is trying to escape from the bonds of the habits than the biological information that the doctor might be having .They know the weak points in the addicts and can point it out for you and advice you on what to do in order to help them when the urge to go for another dose of the stuff is overpowering them .They know it all ,just ask them .

The thing is tat for a healthy person, it is the urge for fun that drives them to go in search of it and the so they find themselves going for them ignorantly, they don’t know anything about the goodness or the badness of consuming this things and to stop them is always very difficult ones they have discovered that it is there that they can find the happiness that they want in their lives, and that is getting drunk. It is always very hard to persuade them to stop or change form the habit and for those who are already trapped in the habits, it is very hard to make them to turn away from it.

Therefore to help an addict, there is only one secret and those who have been in the habit will bear me witness .this people are somehow blind and they can not see or sense what is going on in their environments and it is only the pain in their bodies after they have got hurt by the habits tat makes them aware of what is going on around them, otherwise, nothing can distract their attention from this things.

So ,if we wanted to help an addict ,we will have to sacrifice a lot .We will have to forget all the benefits and goodness of this things to us and just save peoples lives .So ,this blind people who have been carried away from reality in life and out of this world we will have to make the consumption of this things illegal so that the law can hold their hands from going for them against their will .We have been there and we know .Those who have started seeing the first signs of the side effects of using this things sometimes find it difficult to hold themselves from going for another dose and holding their hands from taking another dose is the best thing that some one can do for this kind of people. They always wish that someone should have stopped them before the got hurt after they have gone and can not come back .Believe it or not ,but that is how things look like in that world ,they can not stop it on their own and they only know when they are already dying.

Otherwise, for those who are already addicted and can not find any happiness in life in this world without hiding behind the effects of this things, the secret is always an understanding friend who can hold their hands for them from reaching for another dose when they need some more of it .This is all that there is in helping an addict.

The problem can be doing this to the millions of them .If the ministry of health can find for away of doing this to this people then we will heal the whole country .This way the victims are supposed to gain the power to say NO to this things in not more than a month. It is a very effective method of helping addicts ,you just keep them away from the drugs for some time until they gain the power to live without using them and then you help them to spread the word that they have sopped using them so tat those who are still in the habit can not continue sharing with them .They are supposed to gain this power in not more than three months after which they will be walking alone and continue gaining the power to turn away anymore from the drugs that may be offered to them by friends who might still be in the habit.

After the above has happened successfully, you will then help to heal their psychology by helping them to find alternative ways of spending their time or tackling their life’s problems but not to hide behind the effects of drugs .Make a schedule for them that will last them the whole twelve hours of the day and then at night they will be a sleep at home and then make sure tat there is enough activity of that kind daily.

Idleness and lose of hope due to being unable to accomplish some of life’s compulsory achievements are just but some of the causes of such severe psychological problems which results in severe addictions sometimes.There are some of us who got in to the habit due to reasonable causes and others who just found themselves in it due to ignorance whichever way, this is the most effective way of stopping using the drugs and then science can go on from there. Substituting them with others fairer ones is no help, it is better to stop completely.